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Save Big with an Efficient Variable Speed Pump

Old single-speed pool pumps can use 2200 watts per hour or more. Pool owners trying to keep their costs down may run their pumps for less than the recommended minimum number of hours, resulting in inadequate filtration of the pool. A better solution—and one that will pay for itself—is to replace your old pump with one of the new, high-efficiency variable speed pumps.

How Variable Speed Pumps Save Money

Jandy VS FloPro 3 pool pumpIs your old pool pump costing you money in excess electricity usage? Variable speed pool pumps can be run for longer periods and at lower cost, resulting in more complete filtration of the pool. These pumps take advantage of the substantial improvements in electric motor design and efficiency that have occurred over the past few years. They also include built-in timers that can activate them during off-peak hours when electricity costs are lower.

Features and Benefits

• Saves a substantial amount on electricity costs
• Can be run for longer than traditional pumps, resulting in better filtration
• Reasonable cost means it pays for itself quickly
• 3-Year Warranty
• Made to withstand the elements
• Keeping the pump baskets clean is the only maintenance

Ask Extra Mile Pool Care how much you can save by replacing your old, energy-hogging pool pump with a modern high-efficiency variable speed pump. You may be shocked at the savings!