Hot Weather Comes to the Sacramento Area

As is often the case, Spring came and went pretty quickly in the Sacramento area, and now we are heading into the heat of summer. The upside is, hot weather is pool weather!

Pool Season in the Greater Sacramento area

According to info on The Weather Channel’s website, the average temperature in Sacramento for May is 80 degrees, and that hot weather increases in intensity until it hits a peak of 97 in July, then trails off to 78 degrees in October. The hottest day on record was back in 1961, when the mercury hit 115°.

Checking Wikipedia, Sacramento has an average of 73 days where the high exceeds 90° and 14 days where the high exceeds 100°. Sacramento is also said to be the sunniest location on Earth from June through September. Sacramento is also #1 in the world in terms of the total amount of possible sunshine: 14 hours and 12 minutes of sunshine per day in July, amounting to approximately 98% of possible sunshine. Some places in Canada get more hours of light, but cloud cover shifts the crown for actual sunny hours to Sacramento.

Okay, enough facts and figures…get out there and enjoy that pool!