Algae Pool

7 Common Pool Care Mistakes

1. Failing to check your pool’s chemistry often enough. Be sure to do this twice a week in the summer and once a week in the winter.

2. Backwashing sand or DE filters too often. Doing this prevents the filter from reaching its maximum potential and also wastes water.

3. Not cleaning your skimmer basket and hair & lint trap often enough. Allowing debris to build up reduces circulation and wastes energy.

4. Adding liquid chlorine during the day. Add your chemicals after the sun has set to get more life out of them.

5. Not cleaning the pool walls and tile often enough. This can help control algae build-up if the circulation is not as good as it could be, and keeping your tile clean will save money by preventing it from getting so bad you need a pro to clean it.

6. Not running the pump long enough. Adequate circulation is the #1 way to prevent pool problems. If you have an efficient variable speed pump, you can run it much longer and still save money.

7. Failing to replace damaged or broken drain covers, suction sources, door closers and fencing. These can create a potentially fatal hazard, especially for children.